UASK Education offers a CELPIP preparation course for those planning on taking the CELPIP test. The program is offered online and is designed to prepare students for individual components of the CELPIP-General and the CELPIP-General LS tests.

The CELPIP Preparation Program allows potential test-takers to fully prepare for different components of the CELPIP test, increasing their ability to achieve their target score. For many newcomers to Canada, a high score in language proficiency is a step towards raising their Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) and improving their Express Entry profile.

Who Should Take This Course:

People who are applying for permanent residency or Canadian citizenship.

Course Overview:
Level Target Score Course Plan
Beginner 4→5 48 hours (Online Course) + 96 hours (Homework)
Intermediate 5→6 48 hours (Online Course) + 96 hours (Homework)
Advanced 6→7 80 hours (Online Course) + 160 hours (Homework)
High Flyer 7→8 64 hours (Online Course) + 128 hours (Homework)
Course Objectives:

*Familiarize with the test format and performance expectations;

*Learn about the question types and how to respond to them;

*Sharpen your English skills;

*Become a confident CELPIP test taker;

*Work on improving your score in specific sections of the CELPIP test.

Course Features:

*Practice test items in all skills modules;

*1-on-1 online interactive class, allowing students to receive a personal and tailored learning experience;

*Officially certified teachers equipped with abundant experience and special techniques will be there to help you reach your target score.

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